Deliverance Essentials, Lexington, KY

June 8th and 15th, 2024

Registration open until June 5

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Other seminars–Upon Request

Each program is tailored to fit the specific group as requested. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all programs.

  • Discipleship
    • Participants will learn that a disciple-making disciple is based on the principle that you replicate who you are in light of the call to replicate Christ.
  • Mission Strategies
    • Participants explore God’s heart for mission and help find ways to obey the mission mandate in different cultural contexts.
    • Includes
      • God’s mission mandate
      • How to communicate cross-culturally
      • Identifying your mission field and how to cross barriers to reach them
  • Freedom in Christ
    • Participants discover areas of bondage in their lives and others, identify the roots that gave them entry, and learn to use the Christ-given authority to remove this influence. This will enable them to live in the freedom Christ has paid for and to be all the Lord has created them for. They will also be able to help others.
  • Marriage as Spiritual Warfare
    • Participants will be given Biblical foundations for marriage, equipped with tools to strengthen their marriage and use their authority against attacks of the enemy.
    • Since strong families are the foundation of all society and cultures, a God-centered marriage is a strong weapon against demonic strategies set to destroy people and nations.
  • Gathering Grandparents
    • Participants (Grandparents) are awakened to their strategic place amid five generations—two before and two after them.
    • They will be able to pull forward to the next generations their rightful, godly inheritance, including promises, purposes, gifts, and callings.
    • They will also find and cut off generational curses and punishments so they do not persist in their family line.