Equip through:


GCWM works with church leadership in the US and the nations to help them identify their role within God’s global mission.

Developing Mission Vision

  • Speaking/preaching engagements in churches
  • Consultations with mission leaders and teams
  • The use of media
Disciple-making disciples from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation
Connection with other cultures to build a vision and personal bonds
Church leaders in the nations receive Biblical mission training


GCWM brings Biblical foundations to pastors and leaders with hands-on training opportunities to incorporate what they learn and replicate it in others.

Working with Churches and Individuals

  • Biblical mission education courses
  • Seminars/workshops on Biblical foundations, mission, discipleship, strategic prayer, and spiritual warfare
  • Special mission events
Church planters in the nations during exercise that helps them apply what they learn
Walking together across the generations


A fundamental principle in equipping leaders is “You replicate who you are.” Information alone will not build disciple-making disciples that reflect Christ.

Modeling and Mentoring

  • Individuals exploring mission involvement
  • Mission ministries
  • Church mission leaders to help them send missionaries who are equipped, funded, and cared for
  • Church pastors and leaders in the nations


The principle is that we can do more together than each can do alone. That is true of individuals, churches, ministries, and organizations.

GCWM actively works to facilitate partnerships among churches and ministries to multiply the impact of their gifts and resources for reaching unreached peoples.

Facilitating Networks for:

  • Churches in the US with those in the nations
  • Ministries in the nations with national churches
  • Synergistic mobilization of churches,ministries, and individuals in the US to establish the Kingdom of God in the nations
Uganda Team Conference