Coach and Release For The Million Missionary Movement

Our Passion

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 13:05

The Lord is tugging at hearts! Everywhere we go these days, people tell us that they want to go to the nations or have always wanted to go. Praying with college students, they pour their hearts out telling the Lord that the waiting is hard—they want to go now.  Eating lunch with internationals, they mention they have always wanted to go on mission trips. This is before they know anything about us and what we do.

Watching the dentist
Tue, 04/03/2018 - 15:34

That was the question we asked ourselves working with the medical team in Nepal.  We had no medical skills. We didn’t have an assign job as part of the medical outreach.  We lacked the strength to carry heavy equipment and sickness had sapped the strength we did have and limited our participation.  So, what could we add to the medical outreach team?

Mon, 02/26/2018 - 14:31

That was the outburst of joy from a supervisor of evangelists engaged among 57 peoples in Nepal where Christ is not known.

12 supervisors, like him, received backpacks containing the Jesus film in Nepali and nine other heart languages spoken by people groups in Nepal who have never heard the name of Jesus. Our team leader set up a demonstration showing the Jesus film in one of the tribal languages and this evangelist heard the Gospel in his own heart language.

Welcome to Gatewaycwm

Gateway Center for World Mission is a 501(c)(3) Christian missions ministry that equips leaders in their own life contexts with the resources they need for their ministry.  Our statement of faith affirms the Lausanne Covenant. We are driven to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ bring life to every tongue, tribe people and nation. Now, the Lord has called us to have a greater impact through a Million Missionary Movement