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Revival is Here!

We partnered with Saturate Global ministry team during the Cane Ridge Camp Meetings. We actually camped in a tent for five days to be available for whatever the Lord would have us do. 

People arrived from as far away as Washington state and California. Families with children, couples, individuals came with tents and RVs. Everyone had one thing in common; a hunger for the presence of  the Lord. The Lord did not disappoint!

 The evenings featured a simple gospel message with a call to repent and commit to fully following the Lord.  The Lord was true to His Word and confirmed it with signs and wonders.  Many would rush forward to give their lives to Christ and be baptized in one of three large horse watering troughs.  Some were delivered from demonic influence during baptism.

 While sitting in our campsite, Martha had a divine  appointment with a young women who had been involved with meth use.  She had been baptized and was returning to her campsite. As she walked, she kept choking. (A classic sign of demon influence) Martha told her that she was now clean and the demon was trying to get out.

Martha asked her if she would like help in getting rid of it.  “Yes!” she said.

Martha prayed and commanded that spirit to come out of her in the Name of Jesus. Phlegm came up, then the woman fell on her knees and began to vomit violently. (Also a classic sign of demon deliverance) When she got up her countenance was radiant.  Her husband was ecstatic and we are currently in touch with them to follow up.

Ken termed his ministry role as “the ministry of walking around.”  As a team member, he connected with those camping to serve and pray with them. God moved among them during the ministry times. Ken reinforced what the Lord was doing and helped them see ways to share it with others.

One morning a couple called to us as we were walking up from the ministry tent. They invited us to join them at their campsite.  The woman told us, “I have been praying the Lord would bring someone to minister to us and I think you are it.” The warm presence of the Lord settled in and we were able to minister to them as a couple. We have continued to stay in touch and are getting reports of how the Lord is working in and through them.

During the day, a tent was set up for teaching healing, deliverance and discipleship. It was always occupied with people experiencing ministry. Many times those who had received ministry began ministering to others. Reports of God healing and bringing and deliverance from demonic oppression were continually coming forward testifying to the Glory of the Lord. 

One common theme came up repeatedly; “Share the gospel and tell of what the Lord has done for you as a witness” to sustain the revival.

On the last day, teams of children ranging from 5-12 ministered to adults.  As the children would pray, the Holy Spirit touched the adults.  One child spoke prophetic words to the adults that were greatly received.

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