A Story of Faith

Faith is a single mother and the deacon (pastor) of the church in Buguse.  She has two precious boys in elementary school.

When we visit a church, the pastor’s wife serves as the hostess.  So Faith had double duty—host as the pastor of the church and hostess of her home.

A meal was prepared and served for us in her home and we enjoyed her hospitality. It was easy to see that her parishioners loved her and appreciated her.

During our visit her overseer mentioned that her job was especially hard as she had to walk two miles one way for water for her family as well as serve as the pastor and be a mother to her boys.

We were asked if it might be possible to put a well on the property beside the church and her home (staff quarters).

Although Gateway does not usually do water wells, the people of the church wanted to care for her and those in the village.


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