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Are You a Prepper?

Suddenly my purchase of a huge package of toilet paper several months ago didn’t look so silly. Ken asked me how many years it would last us. But there I was at Costco and price was too good to pass up. My motive was not prepping but frugalness.

Then there is the beef in our freezer. Several years ago we partnered with our son and put a few head of cattle on his pasture. Last summer it was time for one of the bulls to be harvested. He was huge and our quarter weighed over 150 pounds. Our motive was not prepping, but supplying quality beef for our family.

Our motives are usually earthly centered. God’s plans and purposes are not. He sees from beginning to end and we see in the present. His Spirit works in us as we do the ordinary things of life and He turns those ordinary decisions into abundant blessings.

Many of you have spent years studying and storing up God’s Word. Your motive was to become closer to Him, to learn more about Him, to enjoy Him. These are worthy motives. But our God wants you to become so much more than a storehouse. This is no longer a season to prep but to supply. What is stored in you needs to be used to feed, restore, and refresh those God will place in your life.

Harvest time is here! Join the harvest!

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