Plans for Ministry in England

Last September the Gateway Center served Christ Church, Exmouth, England and people from several other churches there. The people were hungry for the Lord and longed to see Him break through the darkness that has been encroaching upon the UK.  God moved and blessed our time of ministry leaving many encouraged.

We have been able to maintain contact through Zoom and WhatsApp. The common question from everyone we met was, “When are you coming back?”

Returning to Christ Church

After much prayer, the Lord released us to return on June 6th.  He also gave us a full agenda, which, of course, will be flexible.  Right now here are the highlights:

· preaching in two churches, Christ Church and a Baptist church

· teaching a women’s conference. Martha’s teaching will focus on developing intimacy with the Lord as a source of revelation, power and prayer

· facilitating a workshop called Gathering Grandparents—a hands-on experience that shows how grandparents touch five generations, passing down blessings to future generations and stopping generational curses

· building relationships through sharing and ministry in three life groups

· participating in an all night prayer vigil for Exmouth and the nations.

To the Business Community

Several people we met from other churches have already been praying regularly for businesses and business people throughout the city of Exmouth.  We will join them as they prayerwalk the city and minister as the Lord gives the opening.

They are planning a breakfast or luncheon for business people to mobilize them to take the business world for Christ at which we will be speaking.

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