Water is Life

Water is the most precious commodity for villages in Uganda. Because wells are not available or pumps are broken, people have to get their water from ponds or polluted streams. Children, usually young girls, will venture a trip up to two kilometers twice a day to get water.  They carry jerry cans that weigh up to 43 pounds each to get enough for daily needs. It is a time consuming and dangerous task, not to mention the unhealthy water.

The church structure in the Church of Uganda is to have a parish church, headed by a pastor, with 10 to 15 small church plants pastored by church deacons or lay readers.

The Lord gave us an opportunity to work with an old friend who is the pastor of Bugambe parish (Faith’s parish). We got to know Eric as part of a program to train pastoral candidates in water pump repair in 2012. Naturally our conversation turned to the topic of wells and water. He mentioned that his parish had four wells that were broken and that six of his churches had no wells at all. Ken asked him what would it take to meet that need and train people to fix existing well pumps.

Here is his estimate:

  • Hand dug shallow well with sealed basin and pump $2500
  • Tool kit to repair wells $550

One well can impact a whole village. Churches with a well become a center of activity for the village and  sharing the gospel becomes easy.  Physical lives are changed and spiritual destinies are secured forever.

The Bugambe project focuses on digging new wells in six churches and training local people to maintain the wells in the future.  The maintenance program will also make functional four additional wells that have water, but the pumps are broken.

If all funds were available in April, the wells could be in place by July.

To donate, follow this link and put well or tools on the project line.

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