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Releasing Revival in Ohio

After the Kentucky revivals, we wondered with what God was going to task Gateway. Through August we sought the Lord and prayed.  We wondered if we should go to Charlotte, NC moving with the Saturate Global team.  We put out a fleece and it was apparent that we were to stay put.  As Ken’s sister needed more help, we put much in that regards (see story on back). 

In September Gateway’s call to be a “rapid response team” began to take shape.  We got texts from groups in Lebanon, OH to come and speak about the revival in Kentucky and what they could do to usher it in.

Things don’t always go as we expect, but they do go as the Lord plans.  We were to go to a barn meeting—a group of people that come together to worship and hear the Lord outside of a congregational setting.  However the host, hostess and their children got the virus.  We unplanned that only to replan within hours.  Another group of intercessors wanted us to come and tell about revival so that they could pray more effectively.

We left the next day for the meeting.  It was a wonderful group of about a dozen people that pray regularly together for the nation and for the nations.  The Lord gave us a word to share with them and then Ken was able to minister with words of knowledge to each of them.  We prayed together.  Ken said that he had not been in a group that was so anointed.  The Presence of the Lord was palpable, just like at Nicholasville.

We went home the next morning rejoicing!

Martha had been struggling with some health issues related to her hiatal hernia.  She began to take supplements through the help of a naturalist and the week following began to feel very much stronger.

 The next Saturday night, Ken had a dream in which God told him to  pray for the healing of the husband of our board member in Lebanon.  He called and we drove back up to their house on Sunday.  Jerry has been sick for many years with a debilitating neuro disease.  We can testify that he is growing stronger everyday.

A text arrived the next week asking for us to come up to the barn on Friday.  Many people, including Jerry, came to the meeting and we were prepared to give a word.  BUT the Lord had other plans.  During worship such a Presence filled the barn that we looked at each other and agreed that what we had to say was nothing, God was to get the glory.  After a few words, Ken asked a young man of 10 to come forward as he could see the Spirit resting on him.  The Spirit overcame him and he fell in a heap at Ken’s feet. After some ministry by his parents, he got up and prayed mightily for everyone present.  People were healed, baptized in the Spirit with tongues, and prophesied over.  The barn was filled with the glory of God.  Thank you Lord for confirming your Word.

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