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Drinking from His Stream

Just as everything changed with the Lord’s birth, the ministry of the Gateway Center changed with our shift to a rapid response team and because of the global travel restrictions.  Churches, especially those in Uganda and the UK, were in lockdown during the pandemic and ministry opportunities were limited. Our old ways of doing conferences and teaching did not work. The Lord brought streams to our desert by using this time in refitting, strengthening, and equipping your Gateway team to take the Gospel to the nations in a fresh way.


  • Streamlined administrative structure to facilitate a rapid response team.  The Lord moved upon us to close our office in Lexington and scale down the outside bookkeeping service. These steps released funds for ministry and facilitated being able to respond quickly and open the possibility of staying longer in the nations as the Lord would direct. 
  • Added new Board members.  We have had an amazing Board of Governance that has guided the Gateway Center through its journey to date.  Then the Lord brought us a new board member with years of experience as a missionary, a worship leader, and a board member of mission organizations. His passion for mission and excitement about our ministry has brought fresh vision and fire for ministry in the days ahead. 


  • Moved with the Lord in revival. Last summer the Lord involved your Gateway team in revival with Saturate Global Ministries. ( The presence of God came through a simple presentation of the Gospel and a challenge for repentance and being fully committed to God.  The presence was especially powerful in worship. As part of the ministry team, we were able to pray with people, and see God work through us to bring life, healing, and freedom to people at a level we had only seen in the nations. He also gave us new relationships and fresh ministry opportunities.
  • Strengthened families.  This became a major theme of what the Lord is doing.  He has been bringing families to us for ministry and discipleship. The Lord has also done a wonderful work in bringing our own family deeper into the Lord and of one mind concerning His priorities. Ken’s sister experienced a health crisis and was transitioned into a senior living community.  It was a difficult journey, but the Lord used it to strengthen Ken’s trust and provide a safe place where his sister could thrive. This allowed him to serve her as an administrator rather than a caregiver for increasing ministry in the days ahead.


  • Learned web-based communications. Covid 19 initially forced your Gateway team to look deeper into web-based communication and resources. Lockdowns and travel restrictions mandated the exploration of Zoom meetings, web conferences and discipleship networking.  We participated in webinars for learning new technologies and made connections with new ministries stretched the Gateway team capabilities. 
  • Explored video and web-based training. We have been asked by many we have worked with to format Gateway training material in video and printed forms that can be used by others.  The Lord has used this slower period to help us refocus our efforts in those areas.

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